6. Macro entities

MESS stands for Macro Entity Scripting System. The template entities and behaviors are all built on top of a small number of macro entities, and it's these macro entities that tell MESS what to do.

Macro entities let you do things like inserting other maps into a map, marking areas as templates and creating multiple copies of those templates, or filling a piece of terrain with a variety of props.

Instance entities

  • macro_insert -- Creates one or more instances of a template or template map.
  • macro_cover -- Covers surfaces with multiple template instances.
  • macro_fill -- Fills an area with multiple template instances.
  • macro_brush -- Turns brushwork into one or multiple brush entities.

Template entities

  • macro_template -- Creates a local template, that can be used by the other macro entities.
  • macro_remove_if -- Excludes parts of a template based on an MScript condition.