mtl_trigger_periodic icon

A simple entity that triggers its target periodically. Triggering this entity will toggle it, but it can also be enabled or disabled by sending it an 'on' or 'off' signal, or by using the +targetname and -targetname target patterns.


  • Name (targetname) -- The name of this entity.
  • Target (target) -- The name of the entity that will be triggered periodically.
  • Interval (interval) -- The trigger interval, in seconds. The default is 1 second.


  • Start on (1) -- If enabled, the trigger will immediately be active when the level starts.


  • To trigger something periodically but with a randomized interval, use an mtl_trigger_random instead.
  • This entity generates a single env_beam and a func_button. The button is invisible and won't block the player, and the beam deals a minimum amount of damage, but it's still a good idea to place this entity somewhere out of reach.