5.Template behaviors

MESS also contains a few template-based 'behaviors' that make existing entities more powerful and help to avoid certain issues. Unlike template entities, behaviors aren't explicitly added to a level. Instead, they change the behavior of existing entities by modifying their properties, inserting extra entities or even replacing them with different entities when a map is compiled.

Available template behaviors

  • Target patterns -- Use target patterns like +door or set score 5 instead of manually creating and triggering intermediate entities like trigger_relay or game_counter_set.
  • multi_manager expansion -- No more target limits for multi_manager.
  • env_sprite angles fix -- No more env_sprite orientation problems.
  • Linked group IDs -- Use the special _tb_group property to automatically create unique entity names in TrenchBroom linked group copies.
  • Scrolling texture speed -- Control the speed of scrolling textures in any brush entity, not just func_conveyor.